Kadokawa announces writing contest, 1 million yen prize
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Posted 10/8/15 , edited 10/9/15
i didn't see a "news" section (other than the one exclusive to CR. if a mod feels it needs to be in a different section, please feel free to move this.

so as the title said, Kadokawa recently announced a new site where people can write novels, and a contest that can net you 1 million yen

You can choose to write either
Fantasy, Horror, Love Comedy/Romance, Science Fiction, Modern Drama, Mystery or Modern Action.

The prize for winning the contest include a 1 million yen gift and they'll turn your work into a book, with the possibility that it turns into an anime series sometime later. Needless to say, you need to be fluent in Japanese to be able to partake (and a lot of creativity)

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Posted 10/8/15 , edited 10/9/15
I hope one of the good novels from narou win big.

Not that the WN authors need any more help. They're getting licensed and published quite frequently.


btw is one of the requirements "an absurdly long title"?
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