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Posted 10/9/15 , edited 10/9/15
I didn't see any other threads about this but with Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z being a hit and rumors still flying around about Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop and the bomb that was Dragonball Evolution, I have a query:

What are y'all thoughts about anime movies being released?

Personally, I believed that if Dragonball Evolution was named something completely different, people would have saw the similarities and actually liked it.

I think what most folks fail to realize is that when a movie is being made, it won't be a hundred percent like the series and that tends to turn most folks off.

but yeah, y'all thoughts.
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Posted 10/22/15 , edited 10/22/15
My opinion is that if you can do the source material justice, go for it.

Evidence thus far suggests that the source material cannot be done justice and the live action adaptations of GITS and Akira both inspire little in the way of hope that this will change.

The fact is that, and I'll sound like a lot of people when I say this, we gotta stop with the adaptations, the remakes, the reboots. Like Christ, the amount of that going on presently is fucking terrifying. This extends beyond anime film in of themselves, but they're very much a part of this trend. My advice, if you can't make it better than the original, don't do it.
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Posted 9/1/16 , edited 9/1/16
I'm fine with adaptations, I guess, though the only anime-to-live-action adaptation I've actually seen is Dragonball: Evolution. I did like it, but then, I'm not a fan of the original series and all.

I also saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within back when that came out and enjoyed it pretty well. The visuals at the time were amazing. Not sure what I'd think of the movie if I re-watched it.
Posted 9/3/16 , edited 9/4/16
I think they're fine.
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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/5/16
As long as it's evident that the creator(s) care about the source material and what made it good and the production design is high-quality and reflects the original... so basically the exact opposite of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell.
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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
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