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Haikyu Trash
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18 / Over Here !!
Posted 10/9/15 , edited 12/12/15
Introduce yourself here. Like, who are you, what is your favorite character kinda thing. I'll start as an example.

I'm Caden, or sometimes called Mytho, and I'm Haikyu trash. My favorite character is probably Tobio, and my second favorite is Shoyo. I once started watching Haikyu a long time ago, but never really finished it. So once the newest episode came out for the second season, I decided to watch it all the way through. I managed to watch it all in two days. Now I am awaiting Season 2, Episode 2 like the Haikyu trash I am. Now, who are you ?
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F / Sunbathing
Posted 11/19/15 , edited 12/12/15
Hello Im Liv-Senapi ( as my username shows ). You can all call me Liv for that is my really name. I am currently watching Haikyu!! and I absolutely fell in love with this show! I will probably catch up with the series before the week ends, so please don't be afraid to start talking about the show with me. So far I don't have a favorite character from the series at least. Im pretty picky about that sort of thing. If you want to learn more about me visit my page. And make sure to click on the spoilers under my gifs if you want to know the shows that i strongly recommend, what I'm currently watching, and who my favorite characters of all time are! I can get a little "sassy" now and then but, please bear with me!
Haikyu Fan
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23 / F / Amsterdam
Posted 12/5/15 , edited 12/12/15
Um.. hi! I just joined this group so I thought I should introduce myself too.

I'm Dama, I've been watching haikyuu since it came out and have been dying for second season since S1 ended. I have an alarm in my phone so it lets me know when a new episode is out.... so I guess I'm haikyuu trash too as Caden put it. My favourite character is Hinata and my favourite side character is Kenma

Oh! I'm 21 and a student in Amsterdam. That's it, bye!
Haikyu Fan
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20 / VT
Posted 12/12/15 , edited 12/12/15
Hey! I just joined this group too so I thought i'd hop in here with an intro.

I'm Annie, but you can address me as "haikyuu scum." I started haikyuu a few days ago and now I'm all caught up and I LOVE it. I've never watched a sports anime before and I am in NO WAY disappointed!!!!!!!

i've been typing with alot of uppercase and proper grammer but this is usually how I type and I use alot of dumb emoticons like these (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) especially when talking about haikyuu so I hope thats okay (ill try to improve for your sakes)

I don't really have set favourites it's more like I just love how adorable and strong willed they all are and watching them improve is AWESOME and I can't WAIT for them to fucking CRUSH IT on the court (✧∀✧)

can't wait to weeb about our awesome little volleyball boys with you guys!! ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )
Haikyu Fan
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30 / F / USA
Posted 7/8/16
Hey, new member of the group. I love Haikyo, and hope to have lots of fun waiting for the new season.

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