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Posted 10/9/15 , edited 10/9/15
Good afternoon,

Normally I try to avoid airing my dirty laundry like this, but I have gotten only one email from customer support in the past three weeks in regards to this issue and my issue hasn't been addressed. Needless to say, I am getting frustrated.

The issue started with my account disappearing - for the third time. (Please don't lecture me on password reuse or account security - I used a fresh password and have two-factor authentication enabled on my e-mail. Old hat.)

Ten days. I waited ten days before getting a response. I was asked for basic billing info with a template e-mail.

The same day I got this response I was charged $99.95 by Crunchyroll. Not cool. I included this new information in my response.

It has been ten more days and my problem hasn't even properly been acknowledged. My friends say my patience is god-like. I don't think even a god would wait this long.

How much longer should I expect to wait for a response? Should I just disregard Crunchyroll's support and file a claim through my bank's fraud department? Right now this feels like it is my only option.
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Posted 10/9/15 , edited 10/9/15
Your password is all over Google, likely resulting from a hack of minecraft server or a minecraft-related service. I've replied to your support ticket.
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