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Fake Anime Episodes
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Posted 10/12/15 , edited 10/12/15

Tomoko discovers her parents' beer stash and tries getting liquored up before school in order to have the courage to talk to people.
Hilarity involving panties, puke and the homeroom teacher ensues.
Tomoko's mom kicks her ass.
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Posted 10/12/15 , edited 10/13/15

horrorshowjack wrote:

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman
Moroha spars with a terrified rookie who seems obsessed with Shizuno. Rest of the episode follows the rookie. Turns out Shu Saura (Moroha's Mage life) killed the rookie while the latter was trying to rescue their childhood friend from the dark lord.

(Seriously Moroha's past lives were responsible for the deaths of a lot of his classmates priors. Yet it's never mentioned other than a brief flash during the invasion.)

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler/High School DxD Crossover OVA

Even the forces of the Penguin Empire and Public Health can't tame the Oppai Dragon's libido! Pissed off by the changes and his minutely reduced urges Issei disobeys orders and seeks out the source. Winds up fighting both Daimidalers while in Scale Mail form. The 3 scientists flash him and offer to let him play with their oppai if he'll stop breaking the mecha. Distracts him long enough to get blasted, but he slowly stands up and says they did mention sucking right? They did and Issei is pleasured by marshmellow hell as the episode ends.

(Both Issei and one of the Daimidaler MCs are fans of the same hentai character and produced by the same studio. Also would improve Daimidaler by featuring the appearance of a character from a show that isn't completely mediocre.)

The second one was a little too funny. Now see what you can do with a "Cross Ange"-"Valkyrie Drive" crossover (ok, so the later one just started, but it will be a battle of the yuri ecchi).
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