(CR STAFF SUGGEST YOU READ THIS) Serious topic about your content being stolen and used for money!
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Posted 10/10/15 , edited 10/10/15
Hello guys, and hopefully CR staff, I would just like to start this thread by saying I love how you grown and how much you're quality has improved over the years, it feels so good since I've been a premium user for a while too.

I would like to alert you guys, and hopefully report this issue to the big guys in crunchyroll, about this group of 'fan subbers' called [name removed]. They basically sub every once in a while anime that's currently in season. While fansubbing is okay, and I understand that, they are not doing that. They wait for crunchyroll to release everything and then rip it and upload it to their servers.

I mean like I understand people love to do this and help those who can't afford it, but jesus, they ask for donations everytime a new seasons starts in crunchyroll, and it's already enough.

Last time they made ridiculous amounts of money and for what? Stealing your content, through donations in paypal? People have been sued for this, and I would like you to consider this as well because they are basically stealing all your stuff and trying to make it their own, and what's worse is that they don't even bother changing the sub fonts at times. (most of the times)

I won't link it because I'm afraid I might get banned, but you can easily search for this and get results.

I would really love for you guys to continue your business and always try and support the anime business as long as you can, but I really doubt these group of 'fan subbers' will help in anyway by stealing your content (as mentioned above)

Please consider this, it really bothered me after they posted this:
[link that names group removed]

Also here's a poll about whether or not you think CR should pursue legal action: [link that names gorup removed]

Thank you for your time!

[Info and link that not only names the group being complained about, but another fansubgroup removed]
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Posted 10/10/15 , edited 10/10/15

ivantav wrote:
I won't link it because I'm afraid I might get banned, but you can easily search for this and get results.

And so can anyone else who read this before I removed all the information and links you included that named this group. While you were speaking against this group, you were also in effect advertising for them!

I've closed this thread, but can assure you that CR is very aware of this group. If you wish to give CR feedback about the situation, please do so more privately to avoid sharing this info with people who might not be aware of them but might not be so upright as to not use them upon learning about them. You can do so using the Contact Us form and the Customer Support team will pass it on to the appropriate individuals.
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