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Angles Fall First
Trailer looks a little better and some is like that ingame.
Gameplay from Bluedrake 42
Is a combination of both space battles and FPS.
You can board ships and destroy their core!

Down sides:
- Graphic's:
Most textures are looking more like 2005-8-ish (very low) as seen on the rocks above^
but can be because its been in development for 7 years (as some textures are maybe gotten outdated)
- Lagg and performance issues!
Some got fixed 1 day ago? but still a bit glitchy
- Cars controll fine but those hover are just a messy
- Combat is quite.. plain and boring execpt at times you feel you got this.
- Messy UI (too much stuff)

Some Postive sides:
- Push gamemode (or similar to that of Battlefield bad company)
- quite HEAVY detailed ships and maps.
- Equipment's for most things (unlocked from beginning but has to be exp with)
- MP and Bots for SP (bots are some what decent in some areas while quite good in others) like driving ships to board and finding their way unless stuck into eachother etc.
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