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Posted 10/11/15 , edited 10/11/15
Honestly, I'm tired of seeing all these bullshit reviews on animes that just start.

Oh, first episode is out. Oh, this anime is trash. 1 star.

But I digress. Instead of having reviews being open for anyone to review as soon as the page is made or w/e the current system is, reviews should be locked until 3-5 episodes have been released. Or at least have an option for reviews to be deleted if it's terrible.
I don't actually know how many people will take those first episode reviews (good or bad) seriously. If it's either 1 star/5 star, I never take them seriously (trash talking it or praising it to be the best anime). It literally, just fucking started. Shut up. You read the manga/light novel/visual novel? Idgaf. Shut up. Anime adaptations can change the plot. I wouldn't mind if the person said it's an early review and is subject to change, but these are CR reviews we're talking about. It's like people write reviews just so they can sound like they know what's up.

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Posted 10/12/15 , edited 1/8/16
First off, you need to take a chill pill and cut down on the swearing. Kids go on the forums, man. KIDS!! Secondly, not every anime has a prologue, manga adaption, etc.. And now for my main thoughts on this:

If the reviewers are actually saying that they read the manga and know what it is like, then you can always classify that as what might happen in the anime. Also, if they are reviewing the first episode, chances are that they will be at the bottom by the time the whole series is released. In fact, if you are reading them review it when the first episode is currently out and nothing else, then you can always classify them as "First Thoughts Reviews" (Those are a thing) Sure, there are some people who say "UGH, DIS AMINE CANZ SUKS MAI BAWLS", because anyone can interact with the internet. However, don't force unfair rules upon them. ;-;
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