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Posted 10/11/15
I've been following the progress on this game through a lot of different channels, and they're crowdfunding now.

In case anyone was following before, this was the formerly Fighting is Magic, before the lawyers did away with it.

So far, it looks like it might wind up being an absolute blast - cartoony and fun, but with the same sort of frenetic pace and technical potential of some of the best anime-based 2D fighters. It's always impressed me that a group that started out as a bunch of fans working for free were able to produce a fighter that showed up at Evo - and now that they're using their own IP and a hands down better engine, this looks like it's going in the right direction.

Also, looking at their blog, some of the things that they've done to implement their art and music style fully have been eye opening. Really cool to peek under the hood and see how it runs.

It's also got some media attention:

Latest Gameplay - Oct 10 Stream


Anyone else following or a fan of this game?
And do you think it can go mainstream, or does its fandom-of-origin taint it too much?
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