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Example: my chaarcter

Full Name: Zeon Miyazaki
Birth date: December 10
Birth place: Kyoto, Japan
Age: 18
Visual Age: 16
Blood type: AB+
Social Class: royal family. Nobles to the emperor. Respected by all but also hated by most of nobles and the emperor’s son
Religious Values: believes in there’s a higher power. Buddhism

Gender: male
Height: 6’4
Weight: 168 pounds
Body type: Tall, athletic build.
Race/Species: Race: Human, Asian. Species: Demon, Neko, fallen Angel, vampire
Eye color and Shape: bright blue cat eyes
Glasses/Contacts?: wears glasses when studying
Hair color and Style: Short black hair with silver highlights, covers his left eye
Fur color and Area: neko ears and tail are silver with red tips on ears and tail
Additional Appendages: In partial demon form has pointy ears and in fallen angel form has a black and white wings, in vampire form has blood red right eye and a silver eye
Skin tone and type: sandy tan
Important/Usual Accessories: wear a necklace from his birth mother, always seen with his violin
Tattoos: tribal tattoo on his back, a dragon
Piercing(s): two helix on the left ear and a standard ear stud on his right ear
Scar(s): a scar on his left eye from his step mother
Predominant Features: a birthmark on his neck well he thinks its a birth mark. and has a slight goatee

Strengths: really good with hand to hand combat and swordsmanship
Weaknesses: has not tasted blood and hates blood. Is still a virgin vampire
Weapons: his katana
Habits:flicks his wrist after a strike and allows kisses his necklace
Familiars/Summons/Pets: pet wolf and a small angel that sits on his shoulder and disappears when walking around people
Old Injuries: had a broken leg from training too hard and still feels the pain from it
Speed: runs fast enough to people hes a blur
Reaction Speed:has really fast reflexes

Alignment: doesnt know yet
Likes: kittens, cats, and anything sweet and cute. and Sweets, has a sweet tooth
Dislikes: being close to people, couples, and blood
Fears: of losing control, of being loved, losing the person he cares about
Wishes: wants to be loved
Personality: shy, calm, sensitive, can be violent
Manner of Transportation: skateboard
Hobbies: playing the violin

Character Flaws: Anti-social, harsh when it comes to fights, violent in fight and loenly
Mannerisms: Talks with hands, rubs nose, fidgets with necklace, chews nails, bright eyes, downcast looks, refuses to meet eyes.
Darkest Secret and Who Knows About it: lost his memory when he was seven because he killed his family when he powers became unstable. His uncle and aunt that made him lose his memory
Personal Triggers: seeing someone die in front of him

Family Members, and relationship with each: Father, mother, two sisters older and older brother. All died when he was seven
History/Background: when Zeon turned seven, his body could control and of his yokai forms and he went on a rampage killing anyone that comes in his path. ended up killing his family in the process and his uncle and aunt was forced to take his memories away and seal every one of his forms leaving him to think his a human boy.

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Name Tsunayoshi Sawada
Date of Birth October 14
Age 14
Nationality Japanese
Known relatives Nana Sawada, Iemitsu Sawada, Giotto, Ricardo, Vongola Terzo, Vongola Quarto, Vongola Quinto, Simora, Fabio, Daniela, Timoteo, Enrico, Massimo, Federico
School Namimori Jr. High, 2nd year
Status Future Vongola Boss; Alive
Weapon Choice X-Gloves,

Tsuna is a short, teenage boy with spiky brown hair and large brown eyes. His eyes are orange-ish in the manga, similar to Giotto's. In the early chapters, he constantly wore his school uniform, but starts wearing more casual clothes as the series goes on and has a penchant for hoodies. Overall, he looks similar to his ancestor, and also inherits more of his looks from his mother.
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Posted 10/13/15 , edited 10/14/15

Full Name: Miyummi Lov
Birth date: Skip
Birth place: In a beautiful home
Age: 18
Visual Age: Skip
Blood type: Umm B-
Social Class: Vampire Night class

Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: skip
Body type: Skip
Race/Species: Race: Biracial-Black and white , vampire , neko , human
Eye color and Shape:
Glasses/Contacts?: Nope
Hair color and Style: Med-length Auburn brown
Fur color and Area: None
Additional Appendages:
Skin tone and type: B-
Tattoos: None yet
Scar(s): None
Predominant Unkown

Strengths: being kind
Weaknesses: hugs and sides being tickled
Weapons: swords , bown arrow , powers
Habits: I live in a mansion on a hill
Familiars/Summons/Pets: 4 pets
Old Injuries: None
Speed: Somewhat fast when want to
Reaction Speed: dissapears and sneaks up on people , blocks some moves

Likes: Boys and girls , chocolate , sushi , pop music , comedy shows , romantic , mysterys
Dislikes: racist people , rude and mean people
Fears: clowns
Wishes: None
Personality: Kind , protective , emotional , outgoing
Manner of Transportation: Teleportation , car , scooter , limo

Mannerisms: ?
Darkest Secret and Who Knows About it: Unknown
Personal Triggers: Being sad

Family Members, and relationship with each: 2 sisters , 3 cousins , 5 bestfriends

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20 / M / Crying= I lost you
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Full Name: tiny nami kai ♡
Birth date: Oct 29th
Birth place: Mount Fiji
Age: 18
Visual Age: 14
Blood type: AB
Social Class: Underwater Guardians

Gender: Male
Height: 4'11
Weight: 120 lbs
Body type: Young Male
Race/Species: Mixed
Eye color and Shape: they change between different shades of blue
Glasses/Contacts?: Glasses
Hair color and Style: Long Blue Hair
Skin tone and type: Pale
Tattoos: A tribal Tattoo in respect of his clan

Strengths: ? Heh you'll find out
Weaknesses: Kawaii Girls
Weapons: Kunais, and water.
Habits: in a underwater castle near mount fiji
Reaction Speed: Quick as light

Likes: water, sleeping, kawaii girls
Dislikes: Everything
Fears: Nothing, but failure
Wishes: Find the rest of his clan.
Personality: Quiet, Quick, Wise, Intelligent, Lazy, Lovable, Flirty.
Manner of Transportation: Teleportation
Relations: The Underwater Guardians

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Full Name: Tatiana Lahti
Birth date: Feb 20
Birth place: No comment
Age: 20
Visual Age: 17
Blood type: O
Social Class: Noble family
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 154 lbs
Body type: Average
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Finnish
Eye color: Dark blue
Hair color and Style: Short and blood red in color
Skin tone and type: White and pale
Tattoos: Nevermore with a raven above it on her thigh and a trinity knot on her left shoulder
Piercings: A single lip ring on the right and a nostril piercing on the left side, 2 earlobe piercings on each ear
Strengths: Strong, skilled with weapons
Weaknesses: slight anger issues
Weapons: two pistols and a katana when need
Habits: anywhere
Reaction Speed: speed of sound
Likes: nature, Halloween, artwork, rain, and full moon nights
Dislikes: spiders and children
Fears: a small(actually pretty big) fear of spiders that she doesn't admit to
Wishes: None that are realistic
Personality: Nice, sincere, blunt at times, short temper, but otherwise is a great person to be around though she will be very short with someone when she does not know them
Manner of Transportation: Motorcycles and sports cars sometimes her families private jets or yachts
Relations: Lahti family
Hobbies: writing, photography, and wandering around abandoned areas
History: Being raised around her family was nothing to frown about. Her siblings were spoiled and so was she. The Lahti family had ties and they used them to their benefits. Thus Tatiana grew up never wanting anything except for an adventure outside of her homeland. Her family sent her to school when they determined it would be a nice change for her but she still does occasional jobs here and there for extra spending money. Maybe she would actually find something she wished for eventually.

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