so i love anime
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Posted 10/14/15 , edited 10/14/15
so I was told that because I watch anime all the time and I'm 23 year old dad and husband that I should grow up I mean seriously. I have learned a lot through anime how to be courageous, strong willed, and to stand for whats right and not be ashamed. idk I'm just venting I guess well let me know what you feel or think?
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Posted 10/15/15 , edited 10/15/15
I love anime as well, Its my preferred source of entertainment.
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Posted 10/15/15 , edited 10/15/15
Same here man you are not alone! I grew up in Texas and it seems there more than alot of other places anime is considered extremely taboo. It took me until just a couple years ago to come to terms with the fact that I enjoy anime and that I shouldn't feel bad for enjoying it.
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Posted 10/15/15 , edited 10/16/15
Anime is a life saver man, i would like to say don't be ashamed about it, but if my parent's or relatives would know some off the shows i watch, i would probably become outcast to the society lol.
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