Smile basic is coming to 3DS eShop!
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Posted 10/14/15
So this is interesting... The 3DS is getting SmileBASIC a 3D computer language app. I didn't think we'd see another app similar to petit computer. I only used it to scan QR codes codes because I know nothing about computer language. Except I have a friend whose good with computers I bet he would make all kinds of crazy crap with it that my mind would be blown! So this smileBASIC app is a 3DS download as well so not only did I not think we would get a new Petit computer but a 3D version was unexpected too! Maybe we will see a New 3DSXL exclusive of some form like HTML. So what do you guys think? Do you like these computer language apps? What kind of games have you made with them? Please share your QR codes here for Petit Computer and when SMILEBASIC releases share those too!
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Posted 1/15/17
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