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Posted 10/14/15 , edited 8/16/17
I got an idea about mixing kamen rider with light novels heres the plot: the main characters are kamen rider decade and kamen rider diend, all riders are good, and they go to difrerent light novel worlds to check them out and choose kamen riders and fight monsters Heres the list:
1. Kenshin no keishouna- kamen rider kuuga- gurongi
2. Shinmai maou no keiyakusha- kamen rider agito- lords
3. Saijaku muhai no bahamut- kamen rider ryuki- mirror monsters
4. Seiren tsukai no world break- kamen rider 555- orphnoch
5. Serei tsukai no bladedance- kamen rider blade- undead
6. Mahouka koukou no rettsutei- kamen rider hibiki- makamou
7. Hundred- kamen rider kabuto- worms
8. Rail wars- kamen rider den-o- imagin
9. Hataraku maou sama- kamen rider kiva- fangaire
10. Ore twintails- kamen rider w- dopants
11. Madan no ou to vanadis- kamen rider ooo- greed/yummies
12. Infinite stratos- kamen rider fourze- zodiarts
13. Magika no kenshi- kamen rider wizard- phantoms
14. Rakudai no kishi- kamen rider gaim- inves

Now the monsters are all part of dai-shocker, a world determined to conquer the other and all kamen riders are good too. They are planning to destroy decades and diends world so they also travel to see whats wrong turns out dai-shocker was running things in the shadows so theres a pre-novel for decade and diends travel they battle monsters in the other world with help from already chosen kamen riders here is the list
1. Kuugas first monster
2. A lord with the help from kamen rider g4
3. A spider mirror monster with help from kamen rider alternative
4. Rose orphnoch with the help of kamen rider psyga
5. Ace monsters with kamen rider glaive
6. A leading makamou with the help of kamen rider kabuki,
7. A worm with the help from kamen rider Caucasus
8. Oni brothers with the help from the good imagins
9. Rook with the help from kamen rider kivala
10. Cyclone, heat, metal, trigger and luna dopants with the help from kamen rider skull
11. A mixed yummy with the help from kamen rider aqua/posieden
12. Space ironmen with the help from from kamen rider nadeshiko
13. Akumaizers with the help from kamen rider sorcerer
14. Inhuminoid plant and tyrant overlord with the help from kamen rider mars and kamuro
Dai-Shocker decides to reveal themselves by destroying decade and diends world which governs the others and destroyed it but before they did kamen rider decade gave a warning to the other worlds and released the scattered the other belts to keep them away from dai-shocker he also explained that the belts hold the spirits of the riders that previous worn them to guide the new generation of riders. After that, Dai-shocker revealed themselves to the other worlds and took away all their power stating that they were the ones who gave them that power and took all that misery and released their leaderand merged all worlds into 15 different ones Decade and Diend showed themselves to great leader saying that they won’t allow Dai-shocker to destroy any more worlds then the main characters of the light novels helped the people who worked alongside decade and diend in there world and were almost killed until the belts from the lead riders came and chose them to fight dai-shocker along with others who were also chosen by the rider belts. The spirits of the previous Karen riders and given an ultimatum. The new riders were then transported to the ruins of decades world and he explained that the kamen riders and Dai-shocker were like two sides of the same coin, light and darkness. He also explained that after they defeat Dai-shocker they would disappear to since they have the same powers as Dai-shocker. Now they went to other worlds based on other light novels to recruit other riders which was the lead characters of their story. They also had found new powers based on the Karen rider tv series. In the world where they had no special powers or war a mysterious rider called kamen rider 15 showed up and attacked an older character which they turned out to be a showa rider. Together with decades mentor kamen rider 1 they helped the horses riders battle a new empire called badan which incorporated evil organizations from the showa era. Kamen rider 15 was part of Hasan and revealed to be the showa riders first protege until he killed there wife's because they hold the key to ruling the multivariate but they were given to their daughters after they were born. The daughters eventually were found by the first 15 heisei riders and they fell in love much to the shock of their harem girls. Some time badan created the bujin riders 15 warriors who were counterparts of the lead riders. 15 then revealed they were based on their lives before they became riders which shocked them because they weren't very nice the lead rider almost gave up until they realised what was holding them back and achieved there ultimate forms and defeated the bujin riders.the then decided to destroy badan once and for all but after they destroyed it their greatest creation was born the generallisimo. The showa riders then decided to end it which costed them their lives because they have the same powers dai-shocker revealed this to the multivers and the remaining riders but the riders knew it would happen and it would happen to them once they destroyed dai shocker. When the final battle commenced decade was about to fun show great leader off but then 15 where survived killed him first and stole his powers then destroyed all the kamen riders and the remaining dai shocker members to except decade and dined. The two fought 15 and with the help of all rider cards defeated 15 and dai shocker once and for all. The two travelers then accepted their deaths peacefully and peace was restored to the multivariate.
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Posted 7/5/16
so which light novels do you want in my story?
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24 / Rainbow Factory
Posted 2/21/17
I know you sent me a PM about this. I don't personally know all that much about Kamen Rider other than it's comparable to Power Rangers. I can see this as a fanfiction.

Go ahead and start work on it if you haven't already. The idea seems good. As for what light novels to include, as this seems like a giant crossover matchup, I'd say go with the ones that you know well. I don't really know any light novels, unless you count Western ones, so I don't see myself being all that helpful to you.
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