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Posted 2/21/08
username: pwiteeanjewl
name: Anna a.k.a tenshi-chan
fave color: pink, purple, blue, black, white & many others .. X]
fave season: winter
fave food: sushi, ice-kweam & candy !
fave anime: toO much to name .
birthday: January 15th
age: 15
hates: skoOl & ppl who pretend to be someone they're not .. >.<"
likes: anime, boOks, music & yuu ! XD lolz .

if this ain't enough info then juz drop by my profile .. lolz . =]
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32 / M / cebu, philippines
Posted 2/21/08
username: rynabella
name: ryan
fave color: blue
fave season: well, there is only two season from where i am (summer season and the monsoon season) and i like both
fave food: pizza, chopsuey, lasagna, blackforest cake...
fave anime: one piece, bleach, naruto, hunter X hunter, detective conan
birthday: december 19
age: 22
hates: backstabbers... corrupt politicians...
likes: food, anime, books
Posted 2/22/08
username: Ninnki
name: Stella
fave color: purple
fave season: fall
fave food: noodles and salad..chinese noodle the best~~~!!!!
fave anime: gundam seed destiny, zero no tsukaima, naruto.............
birthday: june 17
age: 13
hates: bugs and homework
likes: strawberry, boys. real life friends, CR friends and my pets and family.....

i am cute and hyper~~!!!!!
Posted 2/24/08
username: ellyamanda
name: Amanda
fave color: don't have one x']
fave season: Winter
fave food: don't have one :P
fave anime: can't choose xD
birthday: April 4
age: 13
hates: homework, bullying and more..
likes: anime, books, manga, to draw, singing, pets, my friends and happy people XD ^^

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30 / F / beato angelico bl...
Posted 2/24/08
username: anipint87
name: pinky
fave color: black, green
fave season: Winter
fave food: noodles, pasta, soup, steak and sweets
fave anime: many to mention
birthday: december 17
age: 20
hates: fighting, homework, orders, people who thinks they know everything and then laugh (how naive of them)
likes: anime, food, FRIENDS, rest and play
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23 / F / a planet that we...
Posted 2/24/08
fave color:black
fave season:winter i guess
fave food:chocolate... and sweet things >__<
fave anime:so many...
birthday:9 October 1994
age:13 going to 14
hates: annoying people
likes:anime... manga... money... power...
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/24/08
username: carissa8739
name: Carissa
fave color: salmon pink
fave season: fall
fave food: sweets
fave anime: alot
birthday: Sept 5
hates: history
likes: anime,manga,sports,reading,drawing/painting,mysteries and a lot more

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23 / F / somewhere in this...
Posted 2/26/08
fave color:purple,red,blue,silver
fave season:winter
fave food:candy cane
fave anime:can't decide
birthday:15 august 1995
hates:back stabber and insect+lizard.....etc
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24 / F / SJDM Bulacan, Phi...
Posted 2/26/08
username: youllize
name: ran
fave color: black:
fave season: winter..!! <if only it is available here in the phil.>
fave food: too many to mention
fave anime: too many to mention
birthday: april 16
age: 13
hates: many
likes: many
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F / Where the yaoi is ♪
Posted 3/2/08
fave color:pink
fave season:Winter
fave food:instant noodles and eggs
fave anime:I got lots
likes:reading,drawing,sleeping,watching anime,reading manga and hanging out with friends!
While thats about it!
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24 / F / in M y. R o o m.
Posted 3/3/08
okay here i go

etto username: kittygirl14
name: valerija
fave color: blue black and purple ^^
fave season: winter and summer
fave food: everything sweat and everything except pupkins and all that family lol
fave anime: clannad naruto and (naruto shippuuden too of cours)air kyoshir to towa no sora inukami ginban kaleido scope fma and many more^^
birthday: december 6
hates: i hate animes that about guys who are around super hot bunch of girls it really makes me mad especialy when guy is ugly and people that can't be strong and who keeps teling that he can't do anything
likes: i like helping people even those whom i hate like those who i discribed coz if i ll help then they become strong ^^
fave charatcter in anime: tomoyo from clannad yay ^^ TOMOYO RULEZ
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Posted 3/3/08
username: <<<<<<<<
name: <<<<<<<<<<
fave color: this one
fave season: we only have summer and rainy seasons T-T..........
fave food: chocolate!
fave anime: death note and ouran high school host club
age: i6
hates: nothing really.....
likes: too lazy to type.......check my profile....
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25 / F / planet Tation
Posted 3/5/08
my birthday:28 March
my character:im open minded,nice and talented!! ull nvr regreat being my frienz!! i love kitty
my fan;YUI,she's ROCK
fav food:chocalate and sushi
fav anime:Tsubasa Chronicle,Gakuen alice,Friut Basket,planet survive and final fantasy
hates:doing homework
Fav season:winter
Fav colour:purple,blue,black,and orange
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24 / F
Posted 3/8/08
Username: HInamori_15
Name: Kiri
Fave color: pink, black, white
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Food: Cookies
Fave Anime: rite now um, Hitman Reborn
B-Day: September 1st
Age: 14
Hates: posers, haters, back stabbers
Likes: Music, anime, manga, friends
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23 / F / ~ Philippines ~
Posted 3/9/08
username: paula_sison
name: paula
fave color: blue, purple, pink
fave season: spring
fave food: pizza and sweets
fave anime: many to mension (m2m)
birthday: jan 13
age: 12
hates: traitor, lair, scary things
likes: good attitudes and friendly person
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