Battle Angel Alita: Live Action
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Posted 10/19/15 , edited 10/19/15
So, I recently came across this article about James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez may be collaborating to make the Battle Angel Alita live action movie a reality.

Apparently, they were thinking of what ideas to pitch for a collaboration and Robert Rodriguez pitched the idea of Battle Angel Alita. James Cameron was unexpectedly excited about the idea, of course. After all, he had wanted to do Battle Angel Alita for about 20 years now. The closest he got was probably creating Dark Angel.

I'm pretty stoked about it! You've got 2 veterans that had produced some of the most iconic movies in history (Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens, The Abyss, Titanic, Avatar; El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City) and they both seem very passionate about this project, not to mention this being James Cameron's own personal favorite anime/manga that he would most likely want to stay true to.

What does everyone else think about it? Good idea? Bad idea? Never heard of Battle Angel Alita before? (Shame on you!)
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Posted 10/19/15
I'm happy as long as it gets made.

It'll need some good marketing though - see what happed to John Carter; wrong title and a huge budget for (apparently) non-existent marketing. I'd been keeping track of the progress for the previous 5 years and couldn't wait to see it. Then they changed the title at the last minute and no-one knew what the f**k it was about.
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Posted 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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