Post Reply Tournament/Poll of the month.
Posted 10/19/15
Hello and welcome to the Seven Deadly Sins fan group! I want to have this kind of thing every month, where we make a tournament and see who likes what. This month's tournament ( Well I say that, but since we're already halfway through the month, it'll probably go till end of November ) is favorite characters. is the link to the tournament main page. is the link to the votes for the first match. Again, welcome to the group and let's get those votes coming!
Posted 10/23/15
I never expected Diane to be victorious, but, she has indeed triumphed over the captain of the sins! Is the link to the next matchup, one between my favorite characters, Ban and King!
Posted 10/28/15
Just as the previous picture suggested, King has won. Another shocker! Anyways, here is the new link to the first matchup of round two, Arthur Pentdragon vs Diane!
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