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Dealing with an Alcoholic
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Posted 10/23/15
My mom was an alcoholic. She was one when I was little but got sober and went to AA meetings religiously. Then my mom started to drink again when I was a teenager. First it was just a few drinks but then it became more and more. I found out my mom's type of drunk was the angry/mean drunk. For years I put up with her cruel words and physical treatment. I remember when my mom got arrested and a man came to ask me and my little brother questions if we felt safe in our home. We both lied. My mom never harmed my brother but even if she hurt me I couldn't tell the truth cause I still loved her.

Then my mom, brother, and step dad moved up north while I moved in with my dad. Months later I visited my mom only to find she became worse than before. My mom hardly ate any food and would start drinking early in the morning. At this point I given up on my mom.

Another couple months later my mom moved out my step dad's house with my little brother down south with some family and then moved into a shelter. I had some problems living with my dad so when my mom found an apartment I moved down south with my mom and little brother. My mom told me she never wanted to drink again and needed to put her life together. I knew she needed help and I was happy she realized this, too.

It was hard in the beginning since my mom still crave something to drink especially when she was stressed or didn't want to deal with a particular emotion. When me, my mom, and brother stayed over my cousin's house my mom asked if she had any alcohol. My mom didn't know I heard her and when she saw me she said she was joking. After that I tried looking up AA meetings nearby and reminding my mom of her goals. Whenever my mom said she wanted to drink but chose not to, me and my little brother would praise her.

My mom did good not drinking. But then due to unforeseen events I had to move out and live with my dad again. I was nervous my mom would start drinking again once I left then everything would have been for nothing. I vowed if that would happen then I would try to take my little brother away from her.

But to this day my mom is still sober, attending AA meetings, and is back in college studying to get her degree. I'm really proud of my mom.


What I probably realized from all of this was no matter how much I pleaded my mom to get sober was in a way kinda useless. My mom had to reach her limit (aka "rock bottom") to find out she needed help. The person has to be willing to get help to be helped. But sadly not all people realize this in time.

I mean there were some times where my words seem to almost get through to my mom but then she'd find some excuse to get out of it. Or my mom would try to drink in "moderation" or only drink wine but it never worked out in the end. Some people can drink in moderation and not be affected but there's other people who just can't stop after one drink.

You and your brother should both be in agreement to not to drive your mom to the liquor store. If your afraid your mom will drive while intoxicated then hide her keys somewhere. But really you can only do this for so long. You nor your brother can always be on the lookout for your mom. You guys have your own lives and future to be thinking of and working towards. Your mom has to be the one to make the choice.
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Posted 10/23/15
The thing that made me cut down was the fact that i was going to work severely hung over, the hang overs get worse when you get older, 2-3 day hang overs, struggling to get to work on time, taking days off of work, even taking unpaid days off of work, spending too much $ on booze, buying stuff on line drunk, ruining some off my days off because i was hung over, etc

One thing that is funny though, i get sick way less often than alot of the non drinkers at work lol

I think most people dont end up alcohilcs becasue they have resoinsibilities and i think that most people stop getting high and drunk all the time when they have kids.
Unfortunately not always though.
Sometimes i think having a wife would make me drink less but then you see cases where having a wife turns a man to drink. lol..
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Posted 1/26/17
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