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Posted 10/20/15 , edited 10/21/15
Greetings Crunchyroll and Comrades,

After years of using Crunchyroll, I have finally come up with a few suggestions.

In addition, I would love for the Queue to be improved by being able to sort it. What I mean by this is to be given the option to have folders/lists to add series to for organization purposes. It could be as simple as creating your own custom folders/lists to categorize series; i.e. Mech, Anime I want to watch again, My all time favs, Magic/Tech/High School, Romance, Tear Jerkers, Cat Girls, Anime recommended by friends.

I believe the easiest way to accomplish this would be similar to the way that Youtube gives you the option to make playlists. Except that instead of immediately playing each series that you have a way to organize them.

At the moment I have over 100 different series in my Queue. The way I currently organize it is by moving all the series I have finished to the bottom. Then I go to a different website (MAL) to input my review, rank it on my list and all that jazz. Next I have "The Irregular at Magic Highschool" (for no reason in particular) to be the space holder between the anime I have finished (at the bottom) and the anime I have yet to start watching (middle). Finally I have "Ano Natsu de Matteru as the space holder between the series that I have yet to watch and the ones I am currently watching which sit at the top of the Queue. This is a bit annoying, confusing, and can be inconvenient when I decide to organize with the current system.

Provide an option to change the color of the website background, for instance black background and change any black color words to white.

Thank you,

In addition can we have an option to edit the random option to only include certain types of shows if we want to?
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Posted 10/25/15 , edited 10/26/15
I'd like to have filters at top of the Queue window (similar to when we click on shows then Seasons). I'd like to filter by season, type/genre, recently released new episode, title's that aren't completely watched (unwatched ep but aren't 'new' any more), etc as basic filters.

I'd love for the CR Manager to come back too. A place to put all of our previously watched anime on CR in one place. Sure the site remembers but sometimes an update or change happens and anime/ep watched are reset.
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