Showcasing games again at an event
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Hello gaming fans!

Hi, I'm Bernardo Español. (Yes that's my real name.)

I don't know if any of you remember but I'm a part of the New York City indie game scene. This Thursday I will be at the Playcrafting's fall expo event held in the Microsoft office at Times Square. This post (like my last) will be updated with pictures from the event. If any of you are game devs or are interested in game dev, or just want some free quality games I think you will enjoy the following.

I won't be showing my game off yet or going with my fiancée to help her show her games off again (Her newest game is cool though!), instead I will be presenting three indie games from around the world.

I run a review site called and I find myself covering games that don't get much attention in the larger gaming press. Because of this I have had the great fortune to befriend these insanely talented developers. It struck me a little while ago as one of them was releasing his newest game on (Callys Caves 3) iOS a few weeks back that although it was getting featured by Apple, it will soon be forgotten. Because honestly, are inundated with so many new games these days it's hard to keep track. I spoke to him about me presenting the game at the event and he was thrilled. Then it hit me, If I could try to show off one came from a Canadian game dev, why not more? So at the last Playcrafting event I spoke to the CEO behind it and pitched the idea of showing off indie dev games from around the world. Thankfully he loved the idea. So I got in contact with two other talented devs who's work wasn't featured by Apple and said hey do you want some New York City Indie dev exposure? Of course they said yes.

If you are in the area and interested in coming to the event go to this link here. It also has links to all the games being shown off so you can see if anything there floats your boat:

If you can't come no worries. I'll post pics here and tell you all how the event went.
Here are three of the games I will be showing off along with links to the reviews I wrote about them and why I love em. Best of all why you should as well. These are all free games and I think you will get a kick out of them.

The first game I have been wanting to show off for a while is Tottoko Dungeon. I bet none of you ever heard of this game before, which is heartbreaking because it's from an insanely talented Japanese Dev team and it's anime art style screams Crunchyroll. The art is straight up adorable Manga, the engrish translation is good enough to understand, but imperfect enough to make you giggle. (We have since contacted the dev and offered to proof any future English translations.)That doesn't affect the story though, it's actually pretty funny and darned good for a light hearted adventure.
Read why you should check it out in the link and there is also a download link in the review at the bottom. Trust me, you will love this game. It's freemium, but you never need to pay in at all. EVER.

The next game I am going to show off is going to be Callys Caves 3. A little while ago as I was documenting my personal game dev experiences & frustrations on twitter some guy reached out to me and offered to help. His name was Jordan Pearson and he was the guy behind the first two Callys Caves. To my total surprise he makes his games in GameMaker, the very program I was learning with. We started chatting and he offered advice and encouragement. I was happily surprised at just how nice this stranger was. It was nice making internet friends with someone who understood the frustration of trying to make your own game in a platform that seems to get a lot of unwarranted hate. Eventually he let me beta test Callys Caves 3. It was a super interesting experience to test a game as it's being made and play the game as it evolved. Eventually it was released and to our delight it was featured on the iOS app store by Apple. The game is amazing. When I sent him the screenshot of it featured on the US app store page he told me he cried a bit. Since then he has released two free expansions to the game and is working on another to be released next month.

The final game I am going to be showing off hasn't been released yet. It's an alpha build by an amazing dev named Rohan Narang. He is from a small town in India and he made an amazing platformer called Jack n' Jill and a fun tapping game called Zie Invades Earth. You can find my interview with him below along with links to both games. Any who, Rohan and I have stayed in contact over twitter ever since I first stumbled upon and fell in love with Jack n' Jill. Recently he sent me a working alpha of his newest game and I loved it immediately. It's a side scrolling beat-em up like TMNT or Double Dragon he is developing for mobile. He also wants it to look like a GBA game. After playing it for a bit I enjoyed it, but thought it could really use controller support. I also told him it was perfect enough to show off at the demo night. He excitedly made controller support work. Since then I've help put him in contact with an acquaintance who works for Amazon Game's and hopefully they can work to bring his work to their ecosystem.

I hope you like their work as much as I do. If you are in NYC and can make it feel free to say hi to me. If not come back to the post on Friday and I should have added tons of pics from the event.

Have a great night and feel free to share your game dev demo experiences below.

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Posted 10/27/15 , edited 10/27/15
Playcrafting Recap
Nardio News

(EDIT: I have no idea why but some pics that I have are showing up here sideways when they arent originally so. I'm still too tired to try to get them right. Sorry about that. I'll fix later.)

This is Bernardo Español again filling you in on what happened. Sorry for the delay in getting this post out. I have been fighting a cold that's been kicking my butt. I was actually pretty sick the night I showed off the games. Thankfully I think no one noticed. But it was a huge downer having my throat hurting me and feeling kinda dizzy. But it all went off without a hitch and I had fun and didn't die. So A+!

Funny story: Someone had a surprise meeting going in the space we were supposed to use! So instead of being able to set up early we just filled up the entrance of the Microsoft Offices. I was worried it would be a huge problem, but thankfully I was able to squirl my way over to the ticket area and get in with the first group of people and get the table I wanted first.
Lobby wait!
The international indie dev showcase Idea went pretty darned great. A lot of people were excited to see fresh blood in the event and were even more excited to know the games were made by people from all across the world. In most indie dev circles people tend to see the same folks over and over again, so people were pretty excited about the idea of new talent. It went over so well the organizer invited me back and reserved a table for me if I can keep bringing the International talent in! Not having to rush/fight for a table and being able to become a mainstay of the community is huge! From now on I am going to be on the lookout for international talent and do my best to represent them.
As I set up
So on to the event. It was awesome! The downside of being an exhibitor is not being able to walk the floor and experience the show for yourself. Thankfully my fiancée dropped by right after work and was able to assist me so I could take breaks. It was totally weird having her assist me since I'm usually the one supporting her as she shows off her games. I have to admit I was kinda nervous, but having her show up and help out totally helped put me at ease. So there is a good tip for all you would be exhibitors, bring a friend!
Jasmine helping

Here is a video of me walking through part of the show. I apologize for the quality, but I forgot to charge my good camera and I totally need to upgrade my iPhone for once Apple (Hi Mr. Cook!) decides to show mercy on my poor soul and send me a free 6+s.

Youtube link :

Below are a few pics of me showing off the three games I brought with me. I'm super happy people responded to them. My only regret is not printing out cards people could take home and use so they didnt forget.

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

Besides that the event went well. A few more smelly people than usual which was a little off putting and weird, but a good night over all. I'll post some more pics and stuff on my site later. Share your game dev or meet up experience below!

For more information on Playcrafting events check this out:

If you wanna check my site out its called

I'll post another video later of a board game I found there that kinda blew my mind. I just need to upload it. Right now I am still kinda sicky so I'm going to bed. Thanks for reading!
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