The random factor
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Posted 10/22/15 , edited 10/22/15
So i recently watched Rokka of the six braves, and to my surprise, i could guess who the culprit was already at ep (3-4). This isn't because i'm a master detective, or that i could reason it out from all the potential foreshadowing, but because of the random factor.

At one point a character ends up doing something so random and out of place, that at first i thought it was a fault in animation, but the scene lasted way too long and was too organized for that possibility.

Random or out of place action's from a character that doesn't get explained right away or in the same episode, just doesn't happen in anime, or any medium at all. Well, at least from what i've seen or can remember. (It did get explained later)

Even though the random factor kinda ruined Rokka for me, i believe it could potentially be interesting to see in anime where it's intention isn't to cast hints or foreshadow, but rather to just mindfuck you for no reason.

If the culprit wasn't the culprit, and her/his out of place scene never got explained, i feel like it would simply be a great addition in the anime for entertainment purposes.

In elementary school when you were acting up a play, singing or doing whatever for entertaining a audience, it was normal to have faults or just fuck up completely, and that was when the audience was truly enjoying themselves, not when you followed the script down to perfection.
Sure, some of them might have been sincerely interested to see you succeed, but majority is more interested in getting a laugh out of it.

As i haven't found a true random factor yet, feel free to tell me about something actually random that never got explained.

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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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