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Posted 10/22/15
Suggestion - Add a possible "Dark Mode" for when not in fullscreen? I use the standard window when I try to speak to my girlfriend via skype and can be annoying to switch from a small skype window on one screen (dark background) to a white background CR that is not helping my eyes at all.

I tried to remove as much personal data as possible
As you can see from the screenshot, the main screen is quite bright compared to the one with skype open.
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Posted 10/25/15
I'd love to have a dark theme as well.
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Posted 11/3/15
I've been working on an extension to provide features like a dark theme (or "night mode"). It's only been public for about a week and the night mode isn't 100% perfect yet, but here's an example screenshot:

If you wanna give it a try, the links for Firefox and Chrome can be found here.
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Posted 11/13/15 , edited 11/13/15
Well, unless you're super averse to install addons in your browser. Stylish has a dark crunchyroll theme, as well as for lots of other popular sites. Also you can make your own with some basic html knowledge. I use it and it's really nice, I'm light sensitive so all the white backgrounds on the internet tends to give me eye-strain and/or headaches fairly easily.
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