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Posted 10/22/15 , edited 10/23/15
Anime Tourney submission Forms

Hello everyone my name is JmannDriver and I am a casual anime viewer. I just hopped on the forums recently and saw this business about Tourneys going around and started to dig around, so far it's awesome. I'm here because I want to give back/help the community by making tourney voting easier and less time consuming for the people running them.

The one thing I noticed though is that everyone runs their tourney by posting your votes directly on the forums. Now I work in marketing at a top 10 MPL Insurance company and I am their Data Coordinator, I breath, sweat and bleed data; I have had dreams in excel I kid you not. I also run all the surveys we send out and that got me thinking, why not just make a survey that you can all fill out for tourneys to make things easier.

I created the first form for the Summer Anime 2015 Awards, run by (Swaggercandy), because it was the one I wanted to participate in. You can find that form here!

Contact Info

If you would like me to show you how to make a form or to make one for you you can contact my via one of the methods below.

Skype: jtb091020
email: [email protected]
phone: 240-867-5309


Will this allow for users to submit multiple entries and game the results?
No, there is a log-in required with all submissions. There however is the risk of them creating other accounts to vote with. This is something that can be done in the forums anyways so it's not a new risk.

What if the guy running the tourney lies and changes the results?
This is a risk but at the end of the tourney the user running it can post the Excel file with the results publicly.

What if I want to change my results after I submit them?
No a problem! You can go back to the form link and modify your results. The results the user receives in the excel file will update automatically!

Is that really your phone number?
No but you should know the song associated with it if you're as hip as me!
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Posted 10/22/15 , edited 10/23/15

I've gone ahead and moved this to our "Enthusiasts' Corner" forum, as that's the place for promoting one's own activity-stuff that might be of interest to the community.

However, unless I"m completely misunderstanding something about this form service, I think you're missing the main point of the tourneys. We're not just interested in dumping answers into a bin and having a tidy answer come out. The forums are a way to publicly share with each other and have conversations, and goof off together, and show off to each other. The forum tourneys allow us to see each other's preferences, comment on them, say funny or thoughtful things about our choices and those of others, get competitive with each other, post pictures to show our enthusiasm and encourage enthusiasm and interest of others, and so forth.

We're kind of all on one of our favorite playgrounds making up our own entertainment, and it seems like you want to drag us away from our playground, and line us up across the street somewhere, and give us cards to fill out to drop into a black box, and then just hang around until some answer gets spit out. Sometimes that's fun, and if folks want to post fun surveys to take elsewhere that's okay I guess, in moderation, but the forums are primarily for shared conversation, and that's mostly why we do these "tourneys" the way we do. (Even when there isn't much actual conversation, having the voting be public and thus shared with all right here on Crunchyroll is important. It's part of being a community.)
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Posted 12/25/16 , edited 12/25/16
End of year forum cleanup. ^,^ Locked!
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