Exist Archive, from Tri-Ace/Spike Chunsoft out 12/17 in Japan
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103 / Wild West, North...
Posted 10/23/15
My friends,

The time has come.


I present to you, Exist Archive, from Tri-Ace and Spike Chunsoft.

The game is being directed/written/designed by the Valkyrie Profile staff, the music is by the Valkyrie Profile composer (Motoi Sakuraba), and the game is unmistakably the Valkyrie Profile game design (most noticeably Lenneth with Silmeria visual style).

The game is out by December 17 this year in Japan, and, since this is a Spike Chunsoft game, I am hoping that NIS America will bring this game stateside.

Official website here:


... you may now proceed to squee/cry/run in circles.
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Posted 1/15/17
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