Post Reply I Know Because I Tried to Love (Koi Shitemita kara Wakarunda)
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Posted 10/24/15 , edited 11/22/15

Ahiru is a negative girl, who always feels that any stroke of fortune will create a corresponding misfortune. She only wished to live her high school life in peace, but instead she catches the eye of a handsome prince. Laughter, tears, and shortcuts?! An ultra-miracle love story begins!

Romance, Slice of Life

To be published

November 24th, 2015 to ?

Story & Art by Taamo



I just found this out and had to make a thread for it due to my interest and excitement. Updates will provided when they come out!

I enjoyed Taiyou no Ie and now I am looking forward to Taamo's new work and seeing how it goes!

Have you read Taiyou no Ie and will you be reading this series as well? Let us discuss!
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Posted 10/24/15 , edited 10/24/15
Definitely reading this. Taiyou no Ie is one of my favorite manga ever. I LOVE the art style.
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Rabbit Horse
Posted 10/24/15
what's with the long sentence used as anime titles..? eventually, it'll be possible to make a story just from anime titles alone.. >.>
taiyou no ie is on my plan-to read list.
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