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human modification
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Posted 10/25/15

TheOmegaForce70941 wrote:

Nah, not really. Let's say you don't like the color of your natural hair/eyebrows, then you can modify that "body part"and make it into something else. Then there's also a lot of people who have their eyebrows grown thogeter and they don't like it, so some of them modify how it grows and removes some of it.

But keep in mind that there's a change the operation might fail and make you look even worse as a result of your modified body...

okay I see what ya mean... yea there's a chance the operation could make you look worse or not like you wanted or even worse than that ya know? Surgery is serious and shouldn't be taken lightly imo... I definitely wouldn't do that to myself but will not judge others for doing so, idk maybe there ought to be some sort of screening process or restrictions?

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Posted 10/25/15 , edited 10/25/15

pIump wrote:

I think body modification is a great idea. I'm going to get myself a tail once I save up the money.

When I was working in the hospital, there was a story going around that there was a baby born there with a tail. Supposedly, the child could move it. The parents had it removed, which I think is terrible, I would have left it alone until the kid was old enough to decide if they wanted to keep it or not.

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Posted 10/31/15 , edited 10/31/15
If cybernetic technology ever gets to the point to where having cybernetic limbs is more efficient then have your normal, fleshy, easily damaged ones. I might opt in to have an "upgrade" or two.
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Posted 1/26/17
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