Sound Effect used in Bleach (FOR MUSICIANS)
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Posted 10/24/15 , edited 10/25/15
Hey fellow Crunchy peeps!

I'm rewatching Bleach for the third time now and being a musician watching anime, I get nerdy over the OST's and songs used throughout the series. There is one sound effect that is used on almost every main background track there is. It's like a vocoder, but has a very intense sound. If you don't know which spot I'm talking about, it's in the video below heavily. If anyone knows what the effect or way this is produced, it'd be really cool to know! Thanks in advance.

Happy Simulcasting!
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Posted 10/25/15 , edited 10/25/15
Sorry, I don't have any idea at all. I've moved this to the Advice, Info thread, and added url tags to make your link clickable, so maybe that'll help attract someone knowledgeable
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