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Posted 10/25/15 , edited 10/25/15
Hi all.
I some how became the creator of this group(if someone would mind explaining this to me I would love that) and i've noticed this group is very inactive. If anyone would like to help me make this group more current and up to date please post a responce in this thread!
Reason you want to be a mod:
Do You know Japanese?:
How long have you been a fan?:

Knowing japanese is not manditory but would be helpful for translating news/songs/etc.

translator:You translate the news/songs/etc.
Forum mod:You would modorate the forums and make sure people aren't getting off-topic, harrasing other people, etc.
News spokesperson:You would get the news out to people Via the pages feature
description updater:You would update the description. I have noticed it isn't completely done yet.(Whoever previously did that, props to you man)
Member updater:You would kick people if they were not behaving or would promote people to a mod if i ask you to.

Thank you~!
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