Can't Reactivate Membership.
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Posted 10/25/15
I have been on and off with Crunchyroll for a little over 2 years now. I have recently wanted to reactivate my membership so I can watch new episodes of a few shows I've picked up on. But now when I try to renew my membership, I get that 14 day free trial page and can't get around it. It won't give me the trial because I already have been a member (which I'm fine with), but I can't find a way to get a membership. This is the only page that I can get rerouted to when I try to get a membership. It won't accept my card information and says I can't have more than one free trial on an account... How do I get around this page to a page that just let's me get a month-to-month membership? This is honestly just becoming a hassle at this point and makes me want to switch sites because of how annoying they've made this..
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Posted 10/25/15 , edited 10/25/15
I had this problem. When I was subscribed with my visa card, and it expired for the new card, I had to use a new card to renew my membership. It's kind of stupid that it does that, but you have to google crunchyroll premium to get to the page where you actually set up your subscription plan.
Here, I'll find it and link ya.
If this isn't the right link (I believe it is though since it looks familiar) just quote me and I'll send a different one.
Try this one too, though.
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Posted 3/13/16
I was having the exact same problem thanks they need to fix that or they're gonna loose a ton of returning members
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Posted 11/25/17
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