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Is there a Genre tag for this?
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Posted 10/26/15

DaManRando wrote:

I couldn't help but giggle at this because... Testament... body.. yeah I'm a perv.
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Posted 10/26/15 , edited 10/26/15
I don't think there's a specific tag, but there are a lot of "Hero Academy" shows and books, so I'd look for tags like...supernatural, school, young adult/shounen (depending on the medium), magical, or even sci-fi. Sci-fi isn't incredibly common in anime, and most include academies or training facilities where the MC is a talented rookie pilot/solider/whatever and joins a team.

And if you want American manga and anime (i.e. comics and cartoons), stories about teen superhero teams are often like that, too -- a newcomer develops powers and joins some secret squad with all the typical characters (noble leader, resident jerk, girl who's way out of his league, etc.).
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