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nuclear warfare and nuclear winter
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Posted 10/27/15 , edited 10/27/15

redokami wrote:

in the event of a nuclear warfare/winter do you think America has made bunkers for the citizens to evacuate to? I know Russia has bunkers I don't know about other countries

No. Building bunker infrastructure for US citizens was one of several different bomb survival strategies considered by the Eisenhower administration in the early 1950s. Other ideas at the time included new urban planning such as "life belts": highways designed for rapid evacuation of citizens and even retractable buildings that could be pulled underground before the bomb was detonated (just like Tokyo-3!).

However, the Eisenhower administration decided not to build any bunkers for the public and instead handed responsibility for nuclear survival over to the individual. This is why all those folks in the '50s were buying private bomb shelters for their families.

Essentially, the federal government created the atomic survival industry by encouraging private enterprises to supply American families with bomb shelters, canned food, first aid, etc. The Eisenhower administration believed this would also help Americans feel more secure by placing responsibility for survival directly in their own hands rather than feel dependent on a public entity for safety.

That said, during the Kennedy era many public buildings during the Cold War were designated as fallout shelters, such as schools and police stations, and stocked with emergency supplies. Both my middle and high school still had fallout shelter signs.
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