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Posted 10/27/15 , edited 10/27/15
So I did start the Manga for Fairy Tail and I'm wondering if I can just skip ahead to the episodes I left off on (it's gotten bad to me, I don't really watch it now) or are there bits I will miss in the Manga that the Anime didn't show. Little tidbits of information that will make me understand or appreciate it more.

I've read up to Garuna Island and so far as I can tell the Anime missed out very little or nothing at all in terms of information give or take a few small and irrelevant pieces of information like jokes and antics between the characters.

I did notice a scene on the Manga where Cana is talking to Wendy in what looks like a heart to hear that hasn't appeared on the Anime. Is that a future issue beyond the Anime or was it in the Manga but cut because it wasn't too important?

Again my basic question is did the Anime cut out bits from Manga in a serious way?

Thanks in advance.

Lastly I have to say I love this picture. It sums up the family dynamic of Fairy Tail perfectly!

It's such a perfect representation of Natsu and Erza's closeness, she's casually stroking Natsu's hair while he sleeps but there's no hint of a budding romance in the action either. It's perfectly innocent and so damn sweet and just shows how comfortable around each other the members of Fairy Tail can be.

I may just get into the Manga regardless but I'd like to save time as I'm well into Fairy Tail 2014 right now lol
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Posted 10/27/15 , edited 10/27/15
I couldn't say, because when I started reading the manga I had watched the anime up to the tower of heaven arc and I chose to skip ahead in the manga when the first chapters were pretty spot on, as you said.

I honestly don't feel like I missed anything important so I don't think you will either but I can't make any guarantee. You should ask the people on the manga thread, they'd probably know better than me: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-128086/fairy-tail?pg=66
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