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What are your opinions/views on creative writing?
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Posted 10/28/15

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Posted 10/28/15 , edited 10/28/15
1) Do you do creative writing at times?
(This weird fox places all the stories from this fall till distant eternity in that blog!)

2) Is creative writing important to you or not?
Addiction, I live, I breathe, I long for creative writing!

3) What are your opinions/views on writing prompts and picture prompts?

There is nothing wrong with them, it's fun to see how people perceive those things. And like you have to get an idea off somewhere. It doesn't matter, if it's a song / music / picture / idea. It's still probably going to be completely original. I've been working on a Halloween short story, a friend gave an inspirational short prompt about what type of story I should write; I'll be posting the story when it's Halloween time on my blog.

And the main question: Without creative writing world would be a dull place. Written words are the only way how we can truly channel our emotions and thoughts in a form that will last longer than any of us. x)
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Posted 10/29/15 , edited 10/29/15

serifsansserif wrote:
I don't value people's creative writing very much. Even when I did it, I made a far superior editor. It made me realize how much crap there is out there and how many people write stuff that's.... far less than satisfactory.

I like to think that the bad writing is just a step towards good writing. No one starts out writing perfectly, so it's important to carefully consider constructive criticism when you receive it, even if it seems subjective. I find that in order for a beta reader to be effective I have to put a lot of trust in them.

Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/26/17
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