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Posted 10/28/15
Using the Clear History button no longer has the intended effect, and hasn't for several weeks now. After clearing my history, every show still displays the last episode I watched if I add it back to my queue, even if it looks like I haven't watched any episodes before if I go to the show page. And some show pages show that I've watched all the episodes. Essentially, my viewing history is blank but Crunchy remembers everything I've watched and carries on as though I never cleared this history.

Should I contact customer service or is this a known bug that is being worked on?
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Posted 10/28/15 , edited 10/28/15

That's a new one for me, and I haunt the help forums pretty regularly. It seems like not many people would want to use that feature normally once they were established, since it was supposed to remove everything. That would make you lose all partial progress on anything you were in the middle of, including simulcasts, so maybe it just didn't come up before..

I'd report it as a bug if I was you. In the meantime, have you seen beardfist's unofficial Chrome (only) extension? Info here: /group/Beardfists_Programming_Corner You can reset the watch bar on an entire series or even individual episodes using that.
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