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New info on Macross Delta.
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Posted 11/1/15 , edited 11/2/15

dracphelan wrote:

After reading the the ANN article, I'm kind of worried we might be seeing another Macross 7. Don't get me wrong, I love the music in Macross 7. But, the story was really bad in my opinion. At least Frontier had a semi-plausible reason why the Vajra were affected by the music.

I'm another person who can't forgive HG for what they did to 3 excellent series and an awesome movie (Megazone 23). I found the Southern Cross section of Robotech to be boring. But, after seeing the original series (The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross), it made a lot more sense.

Don't worry about another Macross 7.

I like this anime, but if you have to worry think more along the lines of AKB0048 (Also from Satelight)
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Posted 3/14/16 , edited 3/15/16
Closed because it's been inactive for a while, and there's an existing anticipation thread that both predates it, and has activity concurrent with the time frame in which this thread was created, plus recent activity.

See: /forumtopic-871531/macross-delta-anticipation

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