Why isnt one piece available for the UK?
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Posted 10/29/15 , edited 10/29/15
So, why dosen't crunchy have licensing for one piece for the UK? It has all the other big animes (gintama, naruto, bleach, fairy tail etc) so why not one piece? And does CR have any intention of getting licensing to one piece for UK any time soon?
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Crunchyroll can't get the UK One Piece licence as someone else already has it.
I don't know if anyone else is streaming it to the UK, but Manga Entertainment have released it on DVD.

As Japanese studios have different licensing strategies and different anime have greater or lesser appeal to western distributors, the ability to obtain streaming rights will vary greatly among the different series. Just because they have been able to obtain the series you mention (with the exception of Naruto, as they only have Shippuden available for the UK here) doesn't make it easier or harder to obtain an independent series.

Older series released before streaming became so popular will normally have made no distinction between the types of distribution method. If a company bought the exclusive right to distribute a show to the UK then no one else can obtain the streaming rights until that licence expires (even if the company with the UK rights is only interested in the DVD sales).
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Licensing. Simple as that. In US, if you have a license you have to actively use it else you lose it. Here in the UK, you dont have to do anything with it. Which drives up DVD sales.
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