How to fix video play back problems.
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Posted 10/30/15 , edited 10/31/15
So recently I figured out how to fix video play back problems for watching anime with crunchy on a laptop and I thought i'd post how I fixed it on forums incase anyone else is having problems like it. Im not sure if it works on other laptops or even if like, other people have a problem like this but just incase...

First off, by video play back (sorry if I got it wrong) I mean like, when the video just stops playing or starts buffering for a very long time.

So, basically, watch 30 seconds into the anime, close your browser, or close chromecast or whatever you're using to watch the anime, then go back onto the anime you were watching, it should have saved where in the anime you were up to when you closed it. Then set it back to the beggining of the anime and it stops not playing/buffering.

Again, im not sure if this works or even if this is a problem for everyone but, I hope it helps if you experience something like this.
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17
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