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Posted 10/31/15
Hello there. I am not a normal forum poster but figured i'd wing it here.
I am big fan of Hearthstone and of course Anime. I see it always a great idea to find new friends with similar interests. So of course I thought this may be a great place to start looking. I think this would be a great area for people that love both to sit and talk/meet.
Little bit about what I really like, of course Hearthstone where my highest rank is 4. When it comes to anime my top favorites are Trigun at #1 I guess some people love it and some don't. And then a slew of other shows such as, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost Stores (So funny :D), Attack on Titan, Seraph of the End, Full Metal Alchemist (Both Versions), Yu Yu Hakusho, DB & DBZ, & plenty more lol those just some of the top ones I thought of.

I'd be happy to talk to some other players and find out their interests too and hopefully get together on Hearth for some battles.
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Posted 1/15/17
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