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Posted 11/3/15 , edited 11/4/15
Hi there Everyone!? My name is Julius "RhYS331"

I do E-sports content for a team called MYInsanity. I've been a huge fan and member of E-sports now for 5 years. I noticed that there wasn't a Topic about any sort of E-sports, so here we are!?

What kind of E-sports do you guys like? Should we make topics for different things specifically? If you are interested in helping me organize such things, feel free to contact me Thanks for your time

A little of what I do:

I personally do write ups and related content to Starcraft II specifically. Check us out at http://myinsanity.eu/ I also stream stuff, but I don't want to get into that, don't want to come off as spam ^_^

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Posted 11/6/15 , edited 11/6/15
I love Esports very much and in particular League of Legends where I both play, stream and even watch the professionals live on Twitch.

I wish your team alot of success both in the games and with your youtube channel
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Posted 11/6/15 , edited 11/6/15
My interests in E-sports have been limited to a few events (CS mostly) but I'm glad it's developing and I hope more proffessionals will contribute to this thread.

How many hours do you put into training before matches?
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Posted 11/7/15 , edited 11/7/15
Woah I had no idea that there were more of us staking out around here. I happen to do a lot of things with TeSPA , local eSports in our area and the last project I worked was with Team Archons ATLC.

Its also great to see that there are still some of the original SC crew hanging around as I got into the scene when our college won CSL SC2 in one of the earlier seasons way back when Light and Quantic were still around. Ahhh the good olde days.

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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads locked
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