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Manners You've Never Heard Of
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Posted 11/4/15 , edited 11/4/15
Something I thought was good manners but it was actually offensive (never been out of USA):

When I said "bless you" to a girl after she sneezed and she got PISSED OFF...I didn't know she was Muslim or that it is highly offensive to say "bless you" to Muslim people.

Something I never heard of but I I liked it:

When I walk with my Hispanic male friends they always walk on the side closest to the road and if I'm the one walking on that side, they would turn me to the side ( away from the road). I was confused at first because I didn't know why they did it until I asked one of them and he told me it was to protect the woman from anything bad that could happen.

I liked that one, it was cute
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Posted 11/4/15
A manner I didn't learn about until late in life is how men are supposed to walk on the outside of the sidewalk. The first time it happened to me I wasn't sure what was happening. I felt a little like a herded animal because we would cross the street and the person kept moving to one side. It might be because I'm short or something, but one of my female friends will do this as well. Now that I get it, it doesn't bother me but it does look like a lot of work.

XxDarkSasuxX wrote:
And I always check behind me to hold the door if anyone is behind me. Even if they are fairly far away, if it seems like they are going to enter the same building as me, I kind of go out of my way to hold it open.

I also do this, and it sometimes leads to minor embarrassment when it turns out that person I was waiting for turns at the last second and were never intending to come in the door after all. It also feels a little awkward for me when people open the door because I'm used to opening it myself and holding it open for people. You can't win.

True story bro.
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17
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