Post Reply Version 1.1.9 on Nexus Player with Android 5.x Marshmallow
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Posted 11/4/15 , edited 11/4/15
I'm pretty sure when Google was making my Nexus Player that they singled out Crunchyroll on my NP to not work.

Every other app I run works fine... Plex, etc. Crunchyroll does not work with pause, FF or rewind (plays video fine).

CR app 1.1.9 plays video but no controls (I've had this issue on previous versions also), it's not until I roll back to a pre 1.x version that it works properly.

So I can play a video, but the Pause, rewind, fastforward all fail to function. I have a keyboard hooked up and the app doesn't work with that either so it's not the remote.

I purged cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail. I guess I'm back to sideloading an older version of the app again.

Thanks and "lucky me"

Der Zoodirektor
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Posted 11/4/15 , edited 11/9/15
The devs are aware of the broken controls on hardware players like the Nexus player. It should be on the to-be-fixed list for upcoming updates.
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Posted 11/9/15
Thx Der Z, I'm debating rolling back to Pre 1.x version for function until the next update. Having no controls is no fun

hopefully they'll address it before too terribly long

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Posted 11/15/15
Glad to know that the devs are aware of the issues. I rolled back to 1.1.5, which is the last version with working play controls, and also doesn't suffer from the video black levels bug currently plaguing video apps on the NP with Marshmallow.
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