Account hacked, email does not match
Posted 11/5/15
My original account and email seems to have been hacked or otherwise compromised. it's been a while since i've logged in through the website but my password does not work and my email does not work.

Been able to access and play my account jsut fine through playstation, without the need to login.

Please help me recover my account. Original account is Asgiov.
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Posted 11/5/15
Your account was compromised by a 3rd party. You probably used the email/password combination across several sites, one of which was hacked and had its user data dumped onto the Internet.

Go through /resetpw to reclaim it. Also change your password on any other site you have used with the same credentials. Never use the same password for multiple services.

Check the devices list in the settings and remove any device you don't recognize.

Also check all of your devices for viruses.
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Posted 11/5/15
Thank you very much!
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