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This thread if for more tutorials, but these ones aren't basic. These tutorials are for rendering, colouring, colour blending, ect...
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Load Gimp and open a picture you want to make a curve with, it can be any picture you like.

When the picture is open go to 'colors' > 'curves' which will bring up a table type thing.

You can just mess around with the settings till you're happy with the colouring.

If you want to save your curve just go to the arrow next to the little cross, then click on 'Export' and save the file as .acv
For example Yoona.acv

Your curve is done! You can then use the curve whenever you want to yay xD
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3D Text Effect

Load Gimp and go to 'File' > 'New' and re-size the page size. I just opened up the page as the size it was set already.

Then go to 'Toolbox' and click on the 'A' and click on the page and type in your text.

Then go 'Layers' and right click on your text layer and click on 'Alpha To Selection'
Which will bring up some ant like trails around your text.

When you have the ant like trail and if you want gradient text like mine, you need to go to your 'Toolbox' again and click on the tool between 'Bucket' and 'Pencil'. Then go to your text and click above your ext dragging down your mouse and letting go, this will give your text gradient effect.
You can stop there or give your text a border like mine, if you want to do that keep reading ^_^

To get a border keep 'Alpha To Selection' on and go to 'Select' > 'Grow'
This will bring up and small bow where you can change the thickness of the border, I changed it to '2' after you have done that click ok.

After you have done that you need to go to 'Layers' > 'New Layer' > 'OK', when it has given you a new layer you need to drag that layer underneath your text layer. To do this go to the 'Layer box' Which has all your layers then click on your border layer and drag it underneath your text layer. When you have done this you can fill in the 'Border Layer', to do this go to 'Toolbox' and click on the 'bucket' and fill in the layer any colour you want.

To get the '3D' Effect you need to go to your 'Toolbox' again and click on 'A' again to create more text. You need to write the same text in the same font and size but this time you're making the text black.
When you have done this you need to move your text so it is align with your colourful text, then go to the 'Layers' Box again with all your layers and go to the top of that box and the arrow next to 'Mode' which will bring up a drop down menu, click on 'Overlay'.
When you have done that go to the text you made black which is now in overlay mode, click that and move it slightly to where you like it, it should start looking 3D now.

You need to do that step again but this time making the text 'white' > 'Overlay' > then change the opacity to 50% or 60% or what ever you like.

you text should look 3D now! yay xD

To save your text go to 'File' > 'Export As' and save it as .JPG

You should end up with something like this >>

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