Post Reply So any reason for me still hold off on reading the Naruto:ship manga?
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Posted 11/5/15
I've been holding myself back from reading the NS manga, I wanted to experience the end of the series through watching the anime. I wanted to know & hear opinions on Is there any real reason for me to still hold off on reading the manga to the end? Warning:The rest of this post is mostly a rant

I cant deal with the NS anime anymore, to me right now it's just not entertaining at all. This Ninja War Arc has been the worst arc so far, but the canon has still been entertaining. I can deal with filler most of the time, but the current filler is killing Naruto for me. you would think they could come up with something interesting because being in a dream world allows them to basically create whatever story,setting,and plot they want. Instead we get these garbage fillers. /end rant

Also Is there any end to the filler in sight? And when/if the filler ends I heard its going to be somewhat cannon,& dragged on for as long as possible is this 100% true?
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Posted 11/5/15
You might as well read the manga, so you can wash your hands of this terrible filler anime.
Since this carcass will be milked for years. Especially if they plan on giving every character filler.
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