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Posted 11/5/15
I have been watching anime for a couple of years now, and mostly I have seen ones that are already completed. The problem I have recently run into started when I began watching anime as it releases. I'll watch the whole season and then it just sits in my queue because I don't want to remove it in the event it has another season. I want to be notified and be able to continue a show I thought was good. So I was wondering if we could get a sub-tab in the queue tab to place shows that I've watched, but have more seasons coming out in, because my queue is starting to become ridiculously long.

Any thoughts or advice on ways to better my situation are appreciated!
(I average 80-100ish anime a year, just to let you know how dire my situation is)

I love Crunchyroll's service and I want to keep using it without hesitation.
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Posted 11/6/15
If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to and then all the new episodes will show up. I use The Old Reader myself.
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Posted 11/11/15
A new tab for archived queued shows could be made. Just move a queued show into the archived so can keep tabs on it. If a new season is released we can move it back into the current queue.

I'd love to see more filters and auto sorting. I'd love to have current season shows at top and previous seasons following. alternatively have each season in it's own drop down.
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