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Posted 6/11/16
Watched it earlier today. It was actually more enjoyable than I had expected. The orcs (particularly Durotan) were quite amazing, while the humans were a little stiff. The first half of the movie felt really rushed, though the ending was quite exciting.

There was a lot of Easter eggs for Warcraft players. My favorite was:
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Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/13/16
They should stick to what they are good at, games. I hope they make Warcraft 4 considering strategy games are fun, MMORPG game is or any in general is an atmopshere of snobby unpatient people, never had any good experience with MMORPG game except Archlord which i played with friends when that game existed. FF9 is my type of RPG nonetheless.
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Posted 6/13/16
Warcraft was such a blockbuster in the Asian market but really a big flop in the States

Video Game Based Movies
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Posted 6/19/16
I enjoyed it. Was decent film even if it was a little stiff in a few places.

Not near as bad as the Critics made it out to be but then I think a lot of that comes from preconceptions of "Video game movies are always bad"

I hear that almost as much as "Cartoons are for kids"
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