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Posted 11/7/15 , edited 11/7/15
For two show pages the season "stripe" is displayed backwards. When you click newest (the default) for both of these, the newest season appears at the bottom instead of the top:



This is inconsistent with all other show pages with multiple seasons and is a bug, so I'm posting here instead of in Feedback/Suggestions.

************Also, related to this, the show page display ordering, but actually a separate issue***************

I wish that the default was not "newest" but instead "oldest" so that inexperienced/new users could see which season to actually start with on a particular show page. Most people are going to want to start watching at the beginning season for completed shows. When the default is newest, and only that stripe being "open" upon visiting a page, it is not so obvious in some cases that there were earlier seasons that should be watched first.

With over 550 total series that you have in your catalog, compared to about only 40-50 of those being simulcasts each season, that makes only about 8-9% of shows where there is any reason to display them newest first, not to mention that there are plenty of other places to get to the latest episode of a show, but only on the show page can you get to the oldest (first) episode.

Plus, even with only one season, displaying the newest episodes first means you have to scroll past all the spoiler images to get at the first episodes. This just doesn't make any logical sense to display 92% of the content here in the opposite order from which anyone would watch it.

I realize that you can just click the "oldest" link and reverse that, but you have to do that every time you visit a show page. Oldest should really be the default, or at least have the display order preference be something configurable somewhere in your profile.
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Posted 11/9/15 , edited 11/10/15
Issue reported by user as solved, send me a message if it's not the case and I'll reopen it.

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