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*Crunchyroll Needs More Licenses*
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Posted 11/8/15 , edited 11/8/15

md4124 wrote:

No one watches Hulu except, "By 2015, Hulu reached a 50 percent increase in subscribers and announced that the service had reached nearly 9 million paying subscribers." (Businesswire/CNET)
So if 9 million = 0 I want $0.

Compared to Netflix's 69.17 million.
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Posted 11/8/15

AkitoMadaka wrote:

Hulu is like 11 bucks w/ no adds
Funimation is like 9 or something


Licencing shows costs money, Funimation gets what they want cos they've been in the business longer than I've been alive. I agree it would be nice for them to get more shows if only for me to be able to cancel Hulu, but i'm surprised they do as well as they do tbh.

Funi has an inexpensive subtitle-only plan also for $5/month. The regular monthly plan is $8 a month, but buying annually is even cheaper. $40 for the subtitle-only; $60 for the all-access.

One other reason I think Funi is able to license what they do is that in addition to streaming they do purchase rights (for some shows) for home distribution (DVD/BD) and to create the dubbed version.
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Posted 11/8/15

dark_pride wrote:

bobland wrote:

I'm fairly sure CR have twice the shows this season than it's nearest competitor.

Most of them are shitty shorts.

According to my sources, discounting the shorts CR still has more shows than it's nearest competitor.
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Posted 11/12/15
I agree, I feel like almost 1/2 to 2/3 of what I am watching nowadays is on Hulu or Funimation's youtube channel.
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Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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