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Someone recommend a groundbreaking anime!
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Posted 11/10/15 , edited 11/10/15
1. Spice and wolf-an incredible series the character development is astounding. Holo is such a funny and cunning girl but truly loves Lawrence.

2.steins gate-great sci-fi series with also subtle romance the visuals and plot are both stunning

3.great teacher onizuka-badass teacher who gives good advice to his students and hits on your mom

4.Baby steps-awsome sports anime with subtle romance

5.rurouni kenshin-one of the best romance samurai animes ever

6.Dusk maiden of Amnesia-a fantastic horror romance show done right people may think clichéd but the visuals are great the characters are amusing it's very spooky watch in the dark.

Enjoy these are some of my favorites

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Posted 11/14/15

Here are some good ones that are different:



Ayakashi: bakenko series is amazing art
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Posted 1/23/17
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