Anyone Else Play Highschool Vball and Love Haikyuu
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Posted 11/7/15
Already one of my favorite sports anime of all time and that is saying something considering I have probably watched most of them. I think it is because of the nostalgia of playing the sport through University. They don't capture all of technical aspects of the sport or the names of the different techniques but it is as close as it gets for an anime. I like shows like one outs or Kuroku but they are pure fantasy.
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Posted 11/8/15
I played basketball in high school and only played volleyball occasionally but I do love Haikyuu.

What I love about sports anime in general is that it gives pretty good insight on how the sport is played (tactics, terminology, etc) and actually gets me interested (granted, to varying levels) in the sport. For example, I loathe baseball but Ace of the Diamond makes it somewhat entertaining.

I wonder if there will be a hockey anime. I don't like hockey either but an anime version might be good.
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Posted 1/8/17
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