People get so mad at those who don't follow tradition
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Posted 11/8/15 , edited 11/9/15
So i'm Australia and here we have Anzac day to respect the fallen warriors who fought for us (who i do respect)

We have a minute or two of silence and i have offended people all my life because of my stance on it.

To me it's an illogical/emotional thing rather then a tradition of logic and because of that i personally don't agree with that tradition so i don't follow it.

Now to me it makes no sense to get pissed because someone doesn't agree / believe in the same tradition that you do and refuses to take part of it.

Been ridiculed for it all my life and personally i'm not changing my stance as i show my respect in other ways.

I think people are to sensetive.
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Posted 11/9/15 , edited 11/9/15
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